Lorenzo Piani studied piano at the “Gioachino Rossini” Conservatory in Pesaro.
1983 – Emi Music Italia released his first single Dolce Annie.

As a musician, he has performed in many countries, including  Jordan where he played and sang for King Hussein.

In 1983 he came back to Italy, where he worked as a composer for RAI TV, national broadcasting channel. He involved in daily time programs such  “Tandem” and ” Vediamoci sul 2″ presented by Rita Dalla Chiesa and Fabrizio Frizzi. At the same time he wrote the song “Forza Rimini” for the Rimini’s football club. In the spring of 1990 he released his first album “Sognatori Erranti” – NAR International. After then Lorenzo Piani moved to Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden), where he played with his band in many clubs.

In 1995 he published a  CD single “Il Treno” – RTI Music.

3 Years later(1998) he published a new CD Album “VIVO feeling“- RTI Music.

In 2000 Lorenzo Piani began a new adventure as Balla Bella RadioFestival’AR, a  Talent Scout project.

In 2008  he realized  an amazing dream with Brian Auger, who played the Hammond organ B3 in some Lorenzo’s songs released with the CDalbum “Sorpresi Dal Vento” – SNDMUSIC .

In 2011, he released his fifth album “La Filosofia del CAM– SNDMUSIC .

C. A. M. in Italian is the acronym of food ( CIBO), love (AMORE) and music (MUSICA). The essential elements in a person’s life. A massive radio promotion brought the song for weeks in the Indie Music Charts.

In July 2013 is released another album “10 ten”  – SNDMUSIC .

10 is what Lorenzo Piani defined the perfect number and also the last track of the CD.                    Lorenzo experienced the world of sound in all shades, from bossa to techno, always in search of original sounds.
The duets are recorded with some talented young European artists.
Lorenzo sang “Mudar with Maria Villalon in Spanish
The Soul” with Nirah in English
and “Grande Amore” with Stephanie, an Austrian singer who sang in Italian.

In March 2015 he released an instrumental album “SHADES OF MUSIC– SNDMUSIC, a selection of instrumental tracks, which defines the various nuances of the music.

In November 2015  he released the single “SENZA UN SORRISO“. This release is a track of POP IN CLASSIC, a classical crossover  project created by Lorenzo Piani. It is  a musical contamination that originates from an array pop and classical counterpoint develops. Partner of this project is a star of the opera world, the Sicilian soprano Desirée Rancatore.  Desirée Rancatore‘s voice interwoven with the dough soft and persuasive voice of Lorenzo Piani, the theme comes through harmonies typical of  classical music. The lyrics are written in  traditional  Italian opera style.

In March 2016 released the album Sensations, a collection of easy listening instrumental tracks.

In the meantime continued the recordings  for the classical crossover album POP IN CLASSIC with the soprano Desiree Rancatore.

Lorenzo Piani died suddenly on August 14th,2016.

In August 2018 SNDMUSIC released “INFINITO” the first classical crossover album POP IN CLASSIC with Desiree Rancatore.