Lorenzo Piani e Desiree Rancatore ‘Senza un Sorriso’

Lorenzo Piani e Desiree Rancatore ‘Senza un Sorriso’ SNDMUSIC – 2015

Desirée Rancatore, one of the leading exponents of the international lyric, with Lorenzo Piani, give life to “Senza un Sorriso”, a wonderful classical crossover song.
November 2015 – A new classic crossover released “Senza Un Sorriso”, a real musical contamination that originates from a pop matrix and develops into classic counterpoints .
The work is part of “Pop In Classic”, a very innovative musical artistic project, born from an idea of ​​Lorenzo Piani, composer, musician and songwriter.
The soprano voice of Desirée Rancatore weaves with the mellow tone of Lorenzo Piani’s voice, with a theme that comes to life through harmonizations typical of cultured music.
In the work the two artists express a refined symbiosis and the texts are structured with an opera duet specifically written and thought, as well as in the Italian lyric tradition.

The single “Senza Un Sorriso” is the preview of the album “Infinito”.

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