Lorenzo Piani “Il Treno”

“Il Treno” CDSingle  RTIMusic – 1995

‘….. with the album Sognatori Erranti I had the opportunity to meet and work with italian artists. I returned home in Rimini and the house is where I keep memories and experiences of my travels. from this memorabilia born a new recording project. The first step is the release of a single  “IL TRENO”, with 5 different versions. SNDMUSIC’s staff had  a beautiful idea for the launch of the CD:
Press conference on the seafront aboard a nineteenth century train with  journalists, radios, TVs and many friends. You can imagine the amazement of thousands of tourists on the Riviera, in a summer day, at sunset, it was a really brilliant idea, of which the press and TV have spoken for a long time …….. “

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