Lorenzo Piani “Vivo Feelings”

CD album ‘VIVO-feelings’ RTIMusic – 1998

‘…the life of a singer-songwriter is closely linked to meetings with people who do the same job. A special meeting is with Marcello Balestra, the publisher of Pressing editions – Lucio Dalla. A special person. He listened my new songs and decided to produce the album Vivo feelings. He introduced me a young boy Edward Teddy Catalini who assumed the responsibility of arranger of the project. The main track of this album is a big bet, that I did with myself, I decided to redo Feelings by Morris Albert and wrote a new text in 10 minutes. In the tracklist two bonus tracks, a tribute to my dear friends and colleagues:
“Cara” a song written by Lucio Dalla, a true artist of Italian music
and “Lugano Addio” by Ivan Graziani, great rocker and great teacher……”



CD album ‘VIVO-feelings’ SonyMusic – 2001

‘… my album Vivofeelings was released by Sonymusic. Success comes from Scandinavia and has given us the strength and conviction to place it on the Italian market. This version has a new cover and a remastering … ‘

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